The Importance of Fall Fertilization

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Fertilizing is an important tool in keeping your urban canopy healthy. It aids in providing resistance to insects, pests, diseases and other baddies that can hinder your trees’ growth and development in the future. Long story, short – using fertilizer should be a vital part of any trees’ healthcare program.

You basically have two opportunities to fertilize your trees, the fall and the spring. The reason for this is that trees are basically dormant and entering a transitional phase. In the spring – nutrients get turned into elements that are essential to a trees’ development – things like sugars, carbs and amino acids. In the fall, those nutrients are used for root growth with the ‘left overs’ stored in other tissues located throughout the tree so that they’re ready to go once the warm weather begins to hit on the other side of the winter. 

The application of elements like phosphorus and potassium protect against damaging winter weather and help keep a trees’ hardening process on schedule – while also allowing it to collect the nutrients from the fertilizer and store it away effectively for the winter. 

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